Born between the roots and the wonders of the world, the son of an invisible star, guided and protected by a “special Angel”, dreamer and bearer of “Peace & Love”. Music is the soundtrack, the backbone of his existence that regenerates in its DNA the strength and courage of a warrior horse that runs and fights against the current and flies free in the wind… between the secrets of the sea and the compass of its destiny. Eclectic and international artist of Italian origin, actor and songwriter, graduated in classical guitar under the guidance of Maestro Sandro Torlontano; he specialized in modern singing with: Gino Vannelli, Elizabeth Sabine, Sheila Jordan, Kate Baker, Cheryl Porter and Donna Mc Ellory. Since he was a child, he showed amazement for art and especially for music, he sang as a game, imitating the Bee Gees, K.C. & the Sunshine Band, the Eagles and James Brown. Between 11 and 12 he starts singing in Bands Hard Rock & Heavy Metal. Subsequently he directs his listening and begins to love and appreciate all the great artists of every genre and musical age of quality and class, thanks to which he learns a lot and expands his “musical bibliography”. During the years of study there are many work and training experiences in the field of music and theater. He moved for work to various cities around the world: Brazil, South and North Africa, Europe and Florida, USA, where he works as an artist on Cruise Ships, Resorts, theaters, orchestras, recording studios, including television and radio broadcasters including Globo Mirante, Mediaset, Rai and many other national and international private companies. He has recorded numerous discs of different styles and musical genres. He currently teaches classical guitar in middle schools and musical high schools, performs concerts in tourist facilities and is the artistic director of the independent American label Flames Music Productions.